Jubilee Collection - Cara 10years

Cara celebrates 10 years!

This year it is 10 years since I started my Cara Collection. Ten years that passed with a variety of colorful collections, accessories and bracelets worn by many people and influencers who wrote column meters about Cara. So grateful for everything!
Since its inception, the diabetic collection has been constantly developed and expanded to present something completely new this year. These fantastic bracelets in a variety of colors and models are some of the news that will come in the spring of 2020.

This year it was quite obvious that Cara should contribute to Filip Sällskapet, which distributes scholarships to children with type 1 diabetes who have a medical and financial need to educate their dog to Diabeteshund. Cajsa and Jan-Erik Söderhielm's beloved son Filip Söderhielm passed away in his diabetes in 2006 only 27 years young. Their fund in memory of Filip "Filip Söderhielms Memorial Fund for Life Joy" is a fantastic initiative and an honor to contribute to.
10% goes to Filip Sällskapet in all diabetes accessories in 2019 in full. 

Hug to those who struggle with diabetes every day and whose relatives are struggling equally.

Keep up the good work / Sofia


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